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The Texas Foster Youth Justice Project provides free legal services for current and former foster youth throughout Texas. The team helps youth with various legal and administrative matters such as obtaining copies of CPS records; erasing criminal and juvenile records; and accessing foster youth benefits and programs that help in the transition from foster care to independence.

(877) 313-3688
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Providing Counseling services for Child Loss, Miscarriage, Infertility Issues, Family Counseling, Divorce, Adopting, Fostering, Chronic Illness, Cancer, First Responders, Veterans, Adjustment, Anxiety, Depression, Women's Issues, Self-Esteem, Adolescents, Young Adults, and more!


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Mon, Tue, and Thu, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Call for an appointment.
Beatrice Alcoser - Executive Director
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We are fully operational and deemed an essential service by the state.

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Family Tapestry strives to ensure children and youth in foster care experience safety, well-being, and permanency, which are achieved through our values and outcomes:
1. Safe in care
2. Improve overall well-being
3. Placement in their home communities
4. Achieve permanency
5. The first placement is the last placement
6. Increase family engagement
7. Reunified with their biological parents when possible
8. Placed with relative or kinship caregivers if reunification with biological parents is not possible
9. Placement in least restrictive environment when possible and reduce length of stay in foster care
10. No eject-no reject (every child who enters foster care must be provided care)
11. Connections to family and others important to the child are maintained
12. Placement with their siblings
13. Services respect child’s culture
14. Children and youth provided opportunities, experiences, and activities similar to those by their peers who are not in foster care
15. Youth have opportunities to participate in decisions that affect their lives
16. Youth are fully prepared for successful transition into adulthood

To file a grievance, concern, or complaint, please email us here.


Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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If you need assistance during this crisis, contact (210) 226-6178 to be screened to receive basic needs through St. Stephen’s CARE Center and Guadalupe Community Center. Both centers remain open during normal business hours to provide food, clothing, and other self-sufficiency services to those who need us most.

Foster Grandparents are role models, mentors and friends to children with exceptionalities and special needs. The FGP allows individuals age 55 and older to remain active and productive by serving children in the community. In that way, this program is mutually beneficial to children and seniors and results in a kind, compassionate experience for all involved.
If you are interested in mentoring special needs children you must be 55 or older, income eligible (based on government poverty guidelines) and in good health. Income eligible Foster Grandparents receive a modest stipend to help offset the cost of volunteering and serve between 15-40 hours per week. Call Chris Mallett, program director, for additional information at (210) 222-1294 x2229.
Chris Mallett - Foster Grandparent Program Director
(210) 222-1294
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Due to safety concerns, weekend and daycare services are temporarily suspended.

In response to the growing need for care of children in state custody with special needs, Respite Care expanded the emergency shelter program and became licensed to place children in foster homes. After a period of recovery within Respite Care’s emergency shelter service, foster parents are identified to continue to guide them in their journey of physical and emotional recovery. RCSA’s foster program manages multiple homes throughout the community, as well as three homes adjacent to the Respite Care campus. Respite Care is committed to providing training and support for prospective foster parents so that they are better prepared for the challenges they will face while caring for a child with special needs. Contact us for more information about becoming a foster parent to a child with special needs!
Roslind Forte - Director of Foster Care Services Send email
(210) 737-1212
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The Children’s Shelter provides treatment foster care for children from birth to 18 years old who have been removed from their birth families due to abuse, abandonment or neglect. There is an on-going need for loving, stable and licensed therapeutic foster care homes in Bexar County to provide the environment children need while awaiting permanency (biological reunification, kinship placement or natural adoption). Treatment foster care can range from overnight upwards to 22 months. Treatment foster parents may elect to adopt children when their biological parents’ rights have been terminated.
Children birth to 18 years old
M-F, 8:00-5:00
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(210) 212-2590
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We continue to provide services to Texas children. We recognize parenting is hard & current stress makes it harder.

Check our website for resources for parents and caregivers:

If you suspect abuse or neglect call: 1-800-252-5400

COVID Mental Health Hotline: 1-833-986-1919 toll-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For Tips & info visit:

TDFPS provides information, training, and licenses for approval to become a foster parent or adopting parent.
Foster care and adoptive parents must be 21 years old and up, pass a background check, submit to home inspections, attend trainings, and be willing to work with the welfare team.
Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
Cheronda Tillman - Recruiter Send email
(210) 337-3117
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Providing Counseling services for Child Loss, Miscarriage, Infertility Issues, Family Counseling, Divorce, Adopting, Fostering, Chronic Illness, Cancer, First Responders, Veterans, Adjustment, Anxiety, Depression, Women's Issues, Self-Esteem, Adolescents, Young Adults, and more!

Call to verify eligibility.

Mon, Tue, and Thu, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Call for an appointment.
Beatrice Alcoser - Executive Director
(210) 447-7715
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While the office is closed due to COVID-19. Case Workers are working remotely and available to help.

For help accessing your benefits, including emergency funds, visit our webpage:

Why mentor? Thousands of young adults age out of foster care without a permanent home or family support. Many of these become homeless, pregnant, or incarcerated. For this often-forgotten group, having a mentor can make the difference between statistic or success.
To Become a Mentor: • Attend one of our monthly Mentor Information and Training sessions. (Complete a THRU Project Mentor Application prior to attending the session (download the form at • Get a jumpstart to your training by downloading THRU Project's Training Manual (
COVID-19 Notice

While the office is closed due to COVID-19. Case Workers are working remotely and available to help.

For help accessing your benefits, including emergency funds, visit our webpage:

If you are a youth in foster care, aging out doesn't necessarily mean you are on your own. We can: • Introduce you to an adult Advisor that can provide a listening ear and a support system for you. • Provide a bus pass to help with transportation • Provide a cell phone and service to connect you to your Advisor and vital resources. • Connect you to other resources for housing, employment and life skills. • Provide housing necessities such as kitchen and bath supplies
We are only servicing these areas at this time; Bulverde, Boerne, New Braunfels, San Antonio, & Converse Texas. Please note: THRU Project Advisor program requires a one-year commitment to 1) Meet with your Advisor at least once each month and 2) reply to any Advisor communications. Failure to do so may result in elimination from the program.
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We are only offering online teletherapy while COVID-19 restrictions remain in place.

All behavior has meaning. It is a way of communicating feelings and needs. So-called problem behavior is one way a child expresses conflict, which is difficult to conceptualize and verbalize. A child can channel and give conceptual form to negative feelings and behaviors through working with art materials. The clarification and responses of an art therapist facilitates the child’s awareness of patterns, intentions, and the meaning of behavior.

A child-centered approach curriculum addresses social and developmental issues for children and teens in the foster care system. This curriculum incorporates culturally-rooted concepts and values of each individual through indigenous teachings, writings, and expressive modalities.

In addition, clients will have the opportunity to learn meditation, guided imagery, and the calming effects of quieting the mind through meditation techniques.

Licensed professional counselors provide confidential psychotherapy sessions to individuals, families, and in group settings to those who are experiencing behavioral, social, or challenging situations as it relates to being in the foster care system. Counseling session objectives are to strengthen personal awareness, nurture, heal, foster positive social changes, improve family communication, and expand and deepen their personal skills needed to help cope with the challenges that come from being the foster care system.

We currently only accept the following insurances:
• TX Medicaid
• Community First
• Blue Cross Blue Shield
• Aetna Better Health of TX
• Optum

Please call for private-pay fees.

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We remain open during our normal hours of operation, but we will provide services virtually when contact or training is needed.

There are many children, right in our communities, in need of a forever home. EmberHope Youthville is dedicated to helping these children find a family who will love and cherish them for the rest of their lives. Together, we can make a difference in a child’s life. We are currently licensed to provide foster and adoption services to interested families. We are also licensed to service children with Primary Medical Needs (PMN). Additional benefits for Texas foster parents, Mileage reimbursement and Initial clothing reimbursement.
Laura Rendon - Director of Foster Care Send email
(210) 441-0625
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We remain open during our normal hours of operation.

Our Foster Care and Adoption Program in San Antonio and surrounding counties licenses and trains families to open their homes and hearts to children ready to live in a family setting, both through short-term foster care and forever adoption. We are creating forever families! SJRC Texas is looking for individuals and families to open their homes and hearts to children in foster care and adoption. Becoming a foster or adoptive parent is a great way to help children in need, give back and strengthen the community. Foster families are individuals or families that provide a safe and loving place for foster children to live. They provide a normal living environment, help children build self-esteem, learn social skills and provide opportunities to create happy childhood memories. You also have the opportunity to give a child a forever home, through adoption. Adoption is the goal for many children placed in foster care. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) requires all foster children to be placed in a foster home for a minimum of 6-months before they are eligible for adoption. SJRC Texas works with foster-to-adopt families during this time to prepare them for the adoption and is there every step of the way to guide the families through to the consummation of the adoption. There are also many other ways to support our amazing children and their foster families. You can help to spread the word about our program, become trained and licensed to provide respite care or babysitting for our foster families or volunteer to provide other needed help and support to our foster families.
Mon-Fri, 8:00am-4:00pm
Rachel Richter - Director of Foster Care and Adoption Send email
(210) 592-1156
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We remain open during our normal hours of operation.

One of the hallmarks of our program is that we have the ability to keep large groups of siblings together. Located on a 10-acre campus in Bulverde, Texas, our Therapeutic Residential Foster Care program teaches our youth essential life skills through therapeutic relationship building. These skills address social, emotional, and behavioral issues, and provide academic support and mentoring. We are proud to say that our 38 bed facility offers a very homelike feel and our youth have the opportunity to live with other children that are close to their age and stage. Because of our unique set-up we are able to offer a home to children ages 5-21 years old, all of whom are in the managing conservatorship of the State of Texas. Individual treatment plans, a homelike environment, and highly trained staff work together to help each child achieve their individual version of success. Many children come to us after multiple foster home placements – sometimes after as many as eight to twelve – and most arrive at least two years behind academically. Our dedicated staff work closely with the local school district to help them catch up with their peers. Individual treatment plans, a homelike environment, and highly trained staff work together to help each child achieve their individual version of success. Many children come to us after multiple foster home placements – sometimes after as many as eight to twelve – and most arrive at least two years behind academically. Our dedicated staff work closely with the local school district to help them catch up with their peers.
The Adoption Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit organization which is licensed to provide adoptions services in the State of Texas. We can assist birth parents who are interested in making an adoption plan for their unborn or born children. Counseling is available during the pregnancy and afterwards. We can assist with housing, groceries, utilities, cell phone service, laundry, clothing, personal hygiene and maternity related transportation. If a birth mother does not have Medicaid, we can assist her with the application and refer her to an OB doctor. Birth parents are able to select the adoptive family for their child and keep in touch with them if they desire.
Birth mothers who are seeking to make an adoption plan for their child must provide a proof of pregnancy.
Mon-Thu 8:30am - 5:00pm Friday 8:30am-1:00pm Phone hours: 24 hours/day
Stacie Wiederin-Schmidt - Director of Client Services Send email
(210) 843-8888
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All of our services are continuing as usual. BIrth mothers in our program will continue to receive assistance as needed.

Abrazo will help you explore your adoption options and give you honest answers to your questions. Abrazo offers free adoption help for any parents considering placement. Abrazo also offers private counseling, adoption education, a birthparent support group and professional referrals to help you find your own best answers. Pregnant? Placing? Call anytime, day or night: 800-454-5683
Pregnant or with a child(ren) that they are seeking an open adoption plan.
Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 6:00pm Wanting to make an adoption plan - 24 hours
Elizabeth Jurenovich - Director Send email
(210) 342-5683
7.73 miles away, 5723 Kenwick, San Antonio, TX, 78238 , D7
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If you need to reach out to someone during this time, call the AA Hotline 210-828-6235 and you will be connected to help.

Click here to find times and other details of local meetings, and here for a list of meetings that are currently being held virtually due to their locations being temporarily closed.

The Bookshop has reopened. If you need books, chips, etc., please stop by or call (210) 821-6325 and we will ship.

Open meetings are available to anyone interested in Alcoholics Anonymous’ program of recovery from alcoholism. 

24 Hour Hotline (210) 828-6235

24 Hour Hotline-Spanish (210) 409-8524


At Winners Club. Check the Meeting Finder Website for meeting times.
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Please Note: Due to COVID-19, all orientations are being held virtually until further notice.

BCFS Health and Human Services Residential Services Division Foster Care and Adoption strives to keep children with their biological family, but when a child’s parents are unable to make the necessary changes to regain custody of their children, the state or federal government will move to place the child in the next best situation for their growing needs: with adoptive parents.

Adoption is currently only available for families in the San Antonio area. We cannot offer adoption to families in Dallas/Fort Worth or Tyler at this time.

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(210) 801-7050

Family law issues are uniquely personal and complex. Having an experienced lawyer on your side protects you and your children.

Our family law services:

Child support involves a great deal of financial information and math work. If you miscalculate or fail to find the right information, your children may be receiving far less than they are entitled to.

Divorce can be the most complex area of family law, especially if it involves children and/or real estate. Speak with an experienced family law firm like ours to see how we can help you navigate through a divorce.

Motion to Enforce If your ex is refusing to comply with a court order (by not paying child support or violating your visitation rights), then you will need to bring this to the attention to the court with a motion to enforce.

Adoption Adults and minors alike can be adopted. An adoption grants legal parenthood over the person being adopted. This is emotionally priceless, and also legally important for inheritance and other purposes.

Name Change Texas imposes few restrictions on how you can change your name, but changing your name is not as simple as the stroke of a pen. As such, it is best to have the assistance of an experienced family law attorney, who has the latest legal forms and knows the rules of civil procedure.

Child Support / Visitation There is little as precious to us as the time we spend with our children. With an experienced negotiator, you can maximize the amount of time that you can spend with your little ones.

CPS Litigation If Texas suspects that children are being abused or neglected, it can seize them and then try to permanently terminate the parent-child relationship. 

If Texas has taken your children or other minors and you want to be involved, contact an attorney to better understand the process and what you can do to help.

Marriage Marrying someone is one of the most important decisions you can make in life. As such, it never hurts to consult with a family attorney to discuss your marriage plans, consider premarital counseling, review any contracts you are signing for your marriage ceremony, and/or draft a premarital agreement to make sure that your marital vows truly mean something.

Fees vary depending on service.

Mon-Fri: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Alana Pearsall-Perez - Attorney at Law Send email
(210) 222-2818
Gurney Fields Pearsall III - Attorney at Law Send email
(210) 222-2818
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Worship services are offered in-person and online at both campuses. Click here for details.

We are committed to serving local and international orphans. We come together to ensure that adopted/foster children and their families are supported and equipped to thrive. Our ministry includes mentors, meals, transportation, respite, babysitters, support families, links to community organizations like CASA (Child Advocates of San Antonio).

Families who foster or have adopted


Contact the church for meeting times and other details.
(210) 696-6093
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Our center is closed to the public. Please contact your service coordinator or case manager prior to visiting any of our group homes. You can also call our main office with any questions at 210-656-6674.

Adults with developmental disabilities can choose to live in a foster home with a family member or other individual as their foster care provider. RMI contracts with the foster care provider to assist with daily living skills, personal care, transportation and other activities that allow the client to live as independently as possible in a safe and supportive environment. Funding for foster care is covered by the Home and Community Based Services (HSC) Medicaid program. Individuals who do not qualify or are waiting for HCS funding may private pay to live in a foster home.
To apply to be a Foster Care Provider contact Terri Maurer.
Office hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00am-5:00pm
Terri Maurer - Clinical Program Director Send email
(210) 656-6674

Habilitative Homes (Hab Homes) is a licensed Residential Treatment Center providing 24-hour care to children with severe intellectual and/or developmental disabilities; often due to a pervasive developmental disorder such as Autism.

Habilitative HomesWe exist to serve the children first; therefore, the environment, the programming, and the staffing for our facilities are always child-centered. Hab Homes provides an enriched, predictable, supportive environment in which the children can learn and grow in normal, healthy ways developing skills in self-care, self-direction, self-discipline, self-awareness, responsibility for decisions and choices, and building skills necessary for living as independently as possible as well-adjusted, productive adults in our society.

(210) 623-5419

My Mariposa Home is a multi-phase restorative program rooted in trauma informed care. It is a unique new program that will have a transformational impact on the community. This new program assists women (single adult women, pregnant women, and mothers with children under three years of age) who have been survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, or sexual assault with transitional housing and trauma informed supportive services. The overall program focus is to provide for the emotional and physical needs of women survivors and their children. We provide supportive services that enhance protective factors and promote self-sufficiency in a safe and stable environment. The program services and outcomes will strive to help survivors reach sustainable economic independence throughout their restorative journey.

Services offered

  • Counseling.
  • Case Management & Life Skills.
  • Parenting Classes.
  • Referrals.
  • Material Assistance.
  • Women at least 18 years of age.
  • A survivor of human trafficking, domestic violence, or sexual assault.
  • Permanent resident or U-Visa status.
  • Not under imminent threat from others.
  • Not a imminent threat to herself or others.
  • Has maintained sobriety at least 30 days.
  • Is willing to do the hard work it will require to have a new life which includes pursuing educational, vocational, or employment endeavors.
  • Is willing to live in a community setting with peers and children.
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Contact Ruth for program updates during COVID-19.

University has a network of support for foster and adoptive families, no matter where they are in that process.

Support group that meets each Sunday morning at 9:30 in Room S105. Childcare is available.
Ruth Towers Send email
(210) 696-1033
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We are back in the building.

Click here for service times or to connect to a live- stream service.

Click here for info on various groups, activities, and ministries, or click here to find a group that's right for you.

This group is for individuals who are considering to foster or adopt, either locally or internationally, and for families who have been through the adoption process. Our goal is to provide information about adoption funding through the ABBA Fund and The Chosen Marathon, to connect you with others who have used these resources successfully, and encourage you in your personal process of adoption.
Jamie Woodring Send email
A Child Needs You Today. Children outnumber available foster homes 44 to 1. The need for foster homes in Bexar County to help children heal from abuse and neglect is a critical level. If you have thought about being a foster care parent, now is the time to do it. Becoming a foster parent is one of the most difficult but most rewarding jobs a person can do. A foster parent provides love and support to a child in need. The first priority for children removed from their home is to place them with a loving family. Our foster care program is licensed to recruit and train families to become foster care parents. Foster families are provided with wrap-around services, including case management, trauma-informed care training, therapeutic and recreational services. These services are offered to ensure a successful placement. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please fill out this information request form. One of our foster care case managers will contact you. You can call also call (210) 659-1901 for more information. If you are ready to apply, please complete the Foster Parent Application and submit your application to [email protected] For more information about our foster home and Foster Care Program in San Antonio, call (210) 945-1537.
To become a foster parent, you must meet the following criteria: • Be enthusiastic and committed to working with children in crisis who need out of home care. • Be a responsible, mature adult of at least 21 years old. • Be physically and emotionally healthy. • Be financially self-sufficient. • Be committed to working with traumatized children. • Have a reliable, registered, and insured automobile. • Pass a criminal history, domestic violence history and abuse database check. All members of the family 14 years and older must submit to a FBI fingerprint screening • Participate in pre-service training, including Orientation, PRIDE (Parent Resource for Information, Development and Education), Behavior Management (SAMA), Psychotropic Medication and CPR/First Aid. • All family members agree to participate in extensive interviews and a comprehensive home assessment.
Robyn Gambrel - Chief Operating Officer/Foster Care Send email
(210) 659-1901