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Youth Transitioning Into Adulthood (YTIA) (Community / Christian )

From Dependence to Independence

YTIA (Youth Transitioning Into Adulthood) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit faith based charitable organization.

YTIA's goal is to bridge the gap for youth leaving the Texas foster care system by providing the tools and support (a bridge) to youth who have "aged out" and those who are transitioning through foster care, so they become successful in their communities.

YTIA helps youths realize their potential, and develop and implement the skills they need to be successful in the "real world."

Our Services assist youths transitioning out of foster care by participating in:

  • Workshops
  • Special events
  • Volunteerism
  • Support services
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Limited Financial Assistance
  • Legal Counseling
  • "Growing and Preparing (G.A.P.) Tool-Kit
  • G.A.P. Publications

The Graduation Project 

Youths who are graduating but have difficulty in getting all the “trappings” of graduation can get assistance from “The Graduation Project”.  

If funds are limited or have run out through PAL (Preparation for Adult Living), YTIA can help purchase cap & gown and announcements, Class ring, invitations, and photographs for youths graduating from high school.

Other items are approved on a case-by-case basis (to include Prom essentials). Just ask your caseworker to get in touch with us or click on the link below.

Each year, YTIA is pleased to offer assistance to youths desiring to graduate in the form of cap and gown, ring, invitations, etc.  

Typically, a request will come from a youth's caseworker but it can also come from the youth.  A request for assistance can be sent to [email protected], by sending a Contact through this website (, or by completing THE? GRADUATION PROJECT APPLICATION and mailing it to us at Post Office Box 29256, San Antonio, Texas  78229.  As a general rule, the youth should attempt to obtain assistance from his/her PAL worker first but YTIA is always available as an additional resource.

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Would you like to be a lifeguard or work in a daycare?  Or, how about working in food service or food manufacturing?  

Many School Districts offer Adult Continuing Education (Northside ISD offers classes to people 16 and older) and in those programs are short-courses on CPR, food preparation and other specialty courses.  

Why not get a jump on the competition by having a certification or extra knowledge about a particular field before applying for the job?  

Find a class that you are interested in through your local School District, send us an email about why you want to take that class, and we may pay for your attendance with a “Quick Start Scholarship”. 

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Workshops focus on Education, Employment, Personal Living, Health and Safety, and Support

What are Movin' On Workshops?

Unconventional, interactive workshops that encourage  youths ages 13 - 19 years of age to "think" and develop skills while having fun.  Youth are taught to use the skills that they do not even realize they have to solve real world issues and deal with challenges that they will face after leaving foster care.

YTIA recognizes that youth learn in a variety of ways and that preparing to leave foster care begins when you enter foster care and that is why our Movin' On Workshops are:

  • Tailored to meet youths where they are in life
  • Divided into three categories based on the youths age and/or ability
  • Can be created specifically for the youths needs
  • Focus on specific categories of life skills
  • Have an emphasis on preventing and /or mitigating legal effects

Workshops are divided into three categories:

  • Get Ready - Designed for youth 13 - 15 years of age.  
  • Transitioning Out - Designed for youth 16 - 18 years of age. 
  • 18 and Free - Designed for youth 18 and older who want to know what it's really like once you "age out of the system"  or who have "aged out of the system" and need help making it on their own.

"We must Pray, Plan, Prepare, and Practice in order to Grow so you can Go!"

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