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Supervised Visitation refers to any visit between a child and an adult or adults in that child’s life that is supervised for whatever reason (such as to ensure the safety of the child, to document behaviors of the child and parent such as in a reunification situation, or to protect the parent from being falsely accused of hurting the child when there have been false allegations by another adult in the past).

Alamo Heights Counseling has a contract with the Department of Family and Protective Services to provide independent objective observers to observe interactions between children in DFPS legal cases and can, when sufficient staff are available, provide observers for visits that are ordered by judges outside children’s court as well (such as when ordered by a District Court judge in a family law matter).

Parties or their attorneys may contact our office for additional information, or may contact the Bexar County Domestic Relations Office for a reference

Alamo Heights Counseling provides supervised visitation on a limited basis when other resources in Bexar County are inaccessible or have been deemed not to be a good fit. While we are generally able to provide services on relatively short notice, it is imperative that we have a copy of the Court Order and that both parties sign our contract and pay all fees in full before visitation can begin.

 In rare instances when there is no court order but parties agree that one party’s time with the children will be supervised, we may be able to provide an independent observer, but will need documentation of the agreement between the parties.

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