San Antonio Community Resource Directory

We offer tailored therapy programs for men that are designed to help them to understand their problems and experiences in a safe and secure environment. Our experienced counselors provide quality and compassionate care to ensure that every man is able to receive the support he needs.

  • Individual Therapy. Individual Therapy can help in personal growth, healing from trauma, improving relationships, addressing mental health issues, and enhancing the overall quality of life.
  • 12-week Inpatient Workshop. Take the first step towards a transformative 12-week journey of healing and growth with our Inpatient Workshop today. We empower men to build healthy relationships, manage emotions effectively and move beyond wounds of the past. IOP meets online 3 days a week, so you can join groups from right where you are without leaving work early or missing valuable life moments.

We aim to reduce as many barriers as possible, including financial ones, by accepting most major insurances. Click here for a list of accepted insurance. 

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