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Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) uses thousand-year-old methods paired with modern technology to produce incredible results. The body is 70% water, making Vibroacoustic sound vibrations five times more effective because they travel through water, rather than air. This helps achieve deep, cellular healing mentally and physically.

What is Vibroacoustic Therapy?

Vibroacoustic Therapy, or VAT, is essentially a deep tissue low-frequency sound massage using audio waves in the range of 30Hz-120 Hz that are transmitted to the body by embedded transducers in the bed. The sound gently permeates the cells allowing massage from inside as well as out. Because our bodies are approximately 60% water, water transmits sound and vibrations perfectly to our bodies. While floating in incredible comfort on the water waves your body is bathed in soothing sound and relaxing vibroacoustic vibrations.

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VAT may be an independent therapy or incorporated with medical treatment and psychotherapy. As a natural energy booster and pain killer that is composed of a variety of frequency therapy solutions that can be used as a self-management tool, it is beneficial to people with chronic or special needs, and any person with stress who wants to apply preventive and integrative wellness therapy.

VAT has been studied by researchers worldwide including the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NIH reports the benefits of using VAT for Parkinson's, PTSD, anxiety, physical injuries, brain function, COPD, Asthma, and much more.

Some Benefits Include:

  • Increase sleep quality
  • Reduce or eliminate the effects of stress
  • Address PTSD / somatic ( physical) symptoms
  • Regulate the limbic system (emotional memories)
  • Activate the Relaxation Response
  • Reduce anxiety and muscle pain or spasms
  • Shorten healing periods/increase circulation

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