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Trauma doesn't just affect an individual. Its aftershocks can be felt years after as new relationships can bring triggering reminders of past hurts. Past hurts can impact an entire family as they interfere with trust, connection, and even the ability to enjoy everyday activities. Providing a space for healing within a marriage and/or family is a critical piece of recovery that allows everyone to move forward into true healing.

Family therapy, also known as family counseling, is a form of psychotherapy that aims to assist members of a family to address issues affecting them as a whole. With Innova Recovery, families can be closer, learn to communicate better, and understand how to work together when conflicts arise in the future.

Familial bonds are one of the strongest, if not the strongest, connections an individual can have with another. But while these bonds are special, they can still be affected by various family-related problems and misunderstandings. Family counseling helps mend this relationship between family members so it can be strong and healthy again. Compared to individual therapy, where the focus is placed on an individual's struggles, the focus of family therapy is on the people within a family unit.

Family counseling allows a family that is experiencing troubles to come together in a neutral space and address the issues at hand with a family therapist. The source of the conflicts is varied but well-known, often ranging from financial problems to communication difficulties between parents and their children. These conflicts worsen because family members are unable to share, understand, process, or cope with the situation. With Innova Recovery, families can:

  • Explore how they can resolve family issues in a forward-moving way and share what they feel and think in a productive manner
  • Explore elements of the family to understand the issues that start or add to their conflict, and then discuss how to get through them
  • Explore and enumerate the strengths and weaknesses of the family

Family counseling is often done alongside other mental health treatments. This happens when one family member is trying to recover from substance abuse or has a mental illness and everyone else wants to better understand what their relative, sibling, parent, or child is going through. Family therapy can help prevent a condition or addiction of the affected individual from getting worse by increasing the awareness of every family member.

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