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Behavioral health encompasses many facets, including one’s ability to self-regulate and demonstrate healthy thinking, emotional responses, and behaviors.

Life stressors can interrupt this balance and lead to inappropriate responses or dysfunctional behaviors. Children and youth with a history of trauma or exposure to abuse/neglect may develop maladaptive coping strategies that can have long-lasting effects on their well-being. A child’s ability to walk through the recovery process and develop healthy attachments is crucial to their success and steps towards healing.

Pathways believes in capitalizing on an individual’s strengths to help empower and overcome challenges. With a focus on community-based care, including therapy, counseling, and psychiatry, Pathways partners with families in working together to achieve recovery and maximize resiliency goals.

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An individual is eligible for Mosaic services if the individual is:

  • age 3 and older
  • a resident of the State of Texas
  • enrolled in a managed care Medicaid program or has insurance with one of our contracted insurance companies; and
  • a child or adolescent with a serious emotional disturbance with a DSM-V primary diagnosis or has experienced a severe traumatic event (e.g. abuse/neglect, home removal, etc.).

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