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A supervisor will be present, at all times during the interaction between the parent and child(ren). The supervisor documents observed interactions and conversations during the visit; however, they do not record opinions or make recommendations.

The supervisor must intervene and redirect noncustodial parents who fail to follow policies. The role of the supervisor is also to help facilitate, as needed, interaction and connections between the parent and child. Additionally, the supervisor can assist with parenting questions, like how to discipline with time-outs and how to change a diaper. Parents are encouraged to take our free Parenting Education class and can put into practice what they are learning during visitation.

We understand that being supervised during visitation may feel uncomfortable, but parents and children usually adapt to the situation, quickly.

We will review your court order to start the process for monitored exchanges or supervised visits.

Please email your court order to [email protected] and include your name and phone number.

A staff member from the Intake Department will contact you to schedule an intake appointment within 48 hours.

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