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Our special needs Axcess ministry is built on the belief that Jesus desires a personal relationship with all his children, regardless of their abilities. We have created a program to appropriately accommodate and differentiate student learning.

We have two models in Axcess:

  • Inclusion for all ministries
  • Sensory safe classrooms

Inclusion for all ministries is where members are given a buddy to partner with alongside their peers in various environments around campus. 

Sensory-safe classrooms are self-contained and allow for specialized and specific care for those with moderate to severe needs.

Registration is required. For any assistance or further information on our ministry, please feel free to email inquires to [email protected] or call (210) 496-5096, ext 1102.


On-campus Bible Studies and Small Groups: Weeknights, Monday - Thursday All worship services: Saturday: 5:00 PM Sunday: 8:30 AM, 10:00 AM, 11:45 AM, 1:21 PM Axcess also holds a transition bible study (ages 14+) on Sunday mornings at 10 AM. This serves our older members who want to develop a better understanding and personal relationship with the body of Christ.
Erin Jacquez - Early Childhood Pastor Send email
(210) 496-5096
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