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Integrated Community Services (ICS) is our company that provides HCS services (Home and Community-Based Services) in our Abilene, North Houston, and San Antonio service regions in Texas.

This program offers 3-bed homes …offering 3 and 4-person group residences, along with the entire array of available HCS services since 1993 in Abilene and San Antonio since 1993 and more recently in North Houston since 2005. 

Our team understands how to work with people with disabilities while using care, understanding, patience, and encouragement to help our residents excel.

We cater fully to the medical and non-medical needs of our community residents, guardians, caretakers, and partners. From medical services and coordination/training to day habilitation and work placement, our staff is expertly trained to make all aspects of our program comfortable and easy.

Nancy Wall
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