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Everyone agrees that the Bible unmistakably teaches that community is essential. It's right up at the top of the 'to do' list. Love God and Love People. No getting around it. We all know it is one of those things we should do. It's right up there with going to church, reading our Bibles and praying. The problem for many of us is actually taking the step to do it.  It's a hassle to find a group. It can be intimidating to meet new people.  What if we don't know the right answer?  

Here, you can find groups of all types, sizes, age, or stage. You can find hangouts, bible studies and classes. Feel free to review the various options and send a note to the group leader. Let them know what your interested in or if you have any questions. All our group leaders know that you may just want to check out their group without a long-term obligation. 

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