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During this appointment, your provider will focus on you while reviewing and discussing your intake information to assist in formulating a diagnosis and facilitating a successful treatment plan. The provider will work collaboratively with you to come up with recommendations on a successful treatment plan for optimal health.

When the treatment plan includes the use of prescription medication/over-the-counter (OTC)/ or supplement medication, your provider will discuss with you the nature of your disorder, the reason for the medication, and any possible alternative treatments such as advanced treatments.

As part of your treatment plan with medication management, you may be requested to complete certain laboratory testing(s). Depending on the form of treatment indicated or controlled medications prescribed, you will be required by the clinic policy to complete random procedures such as Genetic testing, Electroencephalogram (EEG), Electrocardiogram (EKG), Urine Toxicology Screening (typically random and based on provider discretion). You will be required to schedule and maintain a monthly appointment for controlled medication review and follow-ups. Clinician as a standard practice.

Initial psychiatric medication management ranges from 45-60 minutes and follow-up visits range from 20-30 minutes. This is a group practice, and your sessions may be conducted by any of our providers with a specific review of your treatment plan for consistency of care.

Genetic testing may be considered to assist in identifying the medications that may offer you the best chances of recovery. It helps reduce the risk of polypharmacy.

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