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Wounded and Injured in the Line of Duty

When one of our Green Berets is wounded or injured in the line of duty, we send them and their family a $2,500 check and essential gear for a temporary hospital stay that is packed in a Special Forces-grade, durable, and versatile GORUCK GR1 backpack. These packs are generously donated by GORUCK, a Special Forces Veteran-owned business.

We ensure that key family members are at the soldier’s bedside. We provide financial support for family members’ travel not covered by the Army and support for other family needs such as child care, pet kenneling, and fuel cards. We will also help ship privately owned vehicles to the military treatment facility if required.

Casualty Support Process:

1. US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Care Coalition submits a Casualty Support request to the Green Beret Foundation.

2. Green Beret Foundation receives and reviews the request.

3. Green Beret Foundation sends a $2500 check in a rucksack filled with essential gear for a temporary hospital stay.


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