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Our psychiatric service program gives us the ability to bring our expertise on-site to your residents. Our team of psychiatrists, advanced nurse practitioners, and physician assistants work hard to ensure your residents are on the least amount of medication that is required to effectively manage their needs.

Initial Assessment

A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is to determine the proper CMS-approved diagnosis and review the appropriateness of all medications.

Medication Management

Consistent resident visits focus on improving emotional and behavioral functioning while utilizing the minimum amount of medications necessary to manage symptoms and conditions.

Quarterly Treatment Plan Reviews

Collaborating with your interdisciplinary team reviewing pharmacy reports and treatment plans to review medications, and behavioral issues, and provide Gradual Dose Reductions (GDR) where appropriate.

Pharmacy Reviews

Address any pharmacy recommendations for medication adjustments, polypharmacy, duplication, or reductions of medications, while providing survey-driven documentation.

Gradual Dose Reduction Tracking

All reductions, whether successful or failed, are tracked and reported to avoid survey citations and F-Tags.

Appropriate referrals:

  • Currently on Antipsychotic, Antidepressant, Antianxiety, Mood Stabilizers, Stimulants, Hypnotic or any psychotropic medication
  • Mood problems: depression, anxiety, withdrawal, delusions, hallucinations, paranoia
  • Behavior problems: sexually inappropriate behavior, physical/verbal aggression, wandering, hoarding
  • Suicidal thoughts or statements

Our services are paid for by:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Managed Care programs
  • and other commercial insurance payers
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