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River City Hospice (Business )

River City Hospice is a family centered organization that believes in quality, and compassionate care to those affected with life limiting terminal illness.

We strive for a family focused care plan delivered by our family of professionals who are thoughtful and attentive.

Is now the right time for Hospice Care?

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Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Except during holidays. A registered nurse is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.
24/7 Hospice Support
(877) 537-4837
Online and Virtual Assistance

Contrary to myth, hospice care is not just for the final days of life. Although many families don’t call hospice until a loved one’s passing is imminent, many say they wish they’d known about hospice sooner.??To qualify for hospice coverage through Medicare, two physicians—your own and a hospice doctor—must certify that life expectancy is likely six months or less if the illness progresses along the usual course. (Every case is different, and people who qualify for hospice can continue to receive services if they live longer than six months.)

The significance of this guidance is that it can be appropriate to ask about hospice at the point when cure or recovery is no longer an option, and not just in the final stage of life.

5 reasons to start hospice sooner than you think

  1. Medicare pays for all hospice services.
  2. Hospice can improve your quality of life.
  3. Hospice puts your wishes front and center.
  4. Hospice helps you communicate with doctors.
  5. Hospice gives your family much-needed support.

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