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Cremation Services:

Since 2012 our funeral home has owned and operated our own state-of-the-art, on-site crematory. What this means to you and your family is that your loved one never has to be transferred to a third party to be cremated. All funeral homes offer cremation services however not all own their own crematory. We feel the best way to serve our families would be by offering complete cremation services while keeping your loved one in our care. Our facility offers families the option of a viewing room or witness room.

Funeral Services:

Since 1921, M.E. Rodriguez Funeral Home has been helping families with burial services. Whether your family is considering a traditional church service or an immediate burial, our Funeral Directors will respectfully meet with you and explain to you the differences in each service. We will guide and assist you with the selection of burial services that best meets your wishes for honoring your loved one.

Burial services to consider are, as follows:

  • Traditional Church Service - usually includes a 1 day visitation with an evening service. On the following day, family and friends will come to the funeral home and depart in procession to the church followed by interment at cemetery.
  • Chapel Service - usually includes a 1 day visitation. On the following day, a service is held in one of our 2 chapels followed by a procession to cemetery.
  • Graveside Service - all services held at cemetery. This service does not include a visitation or church service.

M.E. Rodriguez Funeral Home will coordinate with your church and cemetery of choice.

Direct Cremation Package starting at $1,490.00.

Traditional Burial Package starting at $5,025.00.

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