San Antonio Community Resource Directory

We can help you and your family through difficult times by providing holistic care and an ear to listen. 

Support through Hardships

We offer support in daily living and at times of need or crisis. We always want to hear from members when life changes occur. We hope to accompany you through the difficult task of making sense of life’s challenges and finding a way forward. You are not alone. 

Hospital Visits

When you or a loved one are at your most vulnerable, we want to be the place where you can turn for support. If you know about a procedure beforehand, let us know so we can care for you.

Spiritual Guidance

We're here for you when you need help on your spiritual journey or find yourself in a spiritual rut. Growing as a disciple of Christ involves questioning. We welcome the skeptics, the outcasts, and the excluded, and hope to help you find your home here. 


While we desire to be there for you during all parts of your life, sometimes other professional services might be able to meet your needs. When this is the case, we strive to connect you with the appropriate services. Let us know what type of help you need, and we will point you in the right direction.

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