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Heart 2 Heart is a ministry of San Antonio’s First Baptist Church and was founded on two simple principles:

  • We all experience brokenness sometime in our life.
  • There is healing in God’s Word.

Typical Support and Recovery Groups:

Groups typically include those listed below but can vary. Registration is required for each group.

Divorce Care
Will anyone accept you after your divorce? This group will. Take steps toward courage and wholeness with those who know how deeply divorce can cut.

Considering Forgiveness
Does forgiveness mean excusing harmful behavior? Is forgiveness necessary? Explore these difficult questions in a group that won't insult your dignity by minimizing or downplaying the hurt you have known.

Grief Share
Grief is a burden too heavy for anyone’s shoulders to bear alone. In this fellowship, you’ll find a group that stands by one another when the loss you’ve known bends you to the ground.

Men's Freedom Group
(meets year-round on Tuesdays)
We are a Christ-centered, 12-step self-help group providing a safe and confidential setting (apart from other H2H groups) for men recovering from sexual addiction. Our goal is to provide you with the support of fellow recovery travelers with once-weekly meetings year-round.

Journey to Restoration
This caring ministry creates a safe space for those who during childhood were abused, sexually, physically, emotionally, verbally, or by neglect.

Cancer Care
Facilitated by those who know cancer firsthand, the cancer support group aims to become a place of welcome, safety, and tenderness for you in a harsh and frightening time.

All groups are open to the community. You do not need to be a member of the church.

Register and see the current schedule online here.


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