Students and families need connectivity to participate safely and responsibly in today’s online world. Here’s how AT&T is helping bridge the “digital divide” between people who can take advantage of all the internet has to offer, and those who can’t.


  • Digital Navigators are being trained across the country to help communities join the online world by providing support for at-home connectivity, computers, and digital skills.

    With the Public Library Association, we’re developing resources and workshops to raise awareness of Federal Broadband Benefits and improve digital skills.

    Learn more about AT&T’s work to help manage families’ online experience.


  • Many people without internet at home overlook the benefits of signing up. But increasingly, connectivity provides access to essential services and opens a world of resources that can support learning. That's why AT&T created The Achievery, an innovative and free educational platform which offers standards-aligned curriculum and entertaining videos for K-12 students everywhere they learn – at home, in the community or in their classrooms.
Connectivity Resources
  • Online Safety Classes
  • Computer Skills Classes
  • Free Computer Use
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