For very low-income Veterans, SSVF provides case management and supportive services to prevent the imminent loss of a Veteran's home or identify a new, more suitable housing situation for the individual and his or her family; or to rapidly re-house Veterans and their families who are homeless and might remain homeless without this assistance.

Section 604 of the Veterans' Mental Health and Other Care Improvements Act of 2008, Public Law 110-387, authorized VA to develop the SSVF Program. Supportive services grants have been awarded to selected private non-profit organizations and consumer cooperatives that will assist very low-income Veteran families residing in or transitioning to permanent housing. Grantees will provide a range of supportive services to eligible Veteran families that are designed to promote housing stability.

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To become a participant household under the SSVF Program, the following conditions must be met:

  • A member of a Veteran Family
  • Be considered Low Income. Household income must not exceed 80% of the area median income.
  • Occupying Permanent Housing. Must meet one of the following categories:

Category 1- Is residing in permanent housing and at risk of becoming literally homeless but for grantee’s assistance;

Category 2- Is literally homeless, and at risk to remain in this situation but for grantee’s assistance, and scheduled to become a resident of permanent housing within 90 days pending the location or development of housing suitable for permanent housing; or

Category 3-Is literally homeless after exiting permanent housing within the previous 90 days to seek other housing that is responsive to the very low-income Veteran family’s needs and preferences.

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For additional resources, please call the Homeless Veteran's Helpline at (877) 424-3838.

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