At the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation (TSAHC), we help Texans buy a home for themselves and their families. We are a nonprofit organization that was created by the Texas Legislature to help Texans achieve their dream of homeownership.  Our Homes Sweet Texas Home Loan Program offers home loans and down payment assistance to low and moderate-income families.

What Does the Homes Sweet Texas Home Loan Program Offer?
The Homes Sweet Texas Home Loan Program is designed to help low and moderate-income Texans achieve the dream of homeownership. 

If you qualify, TSAHC will provide you with a mortgage loan and funding to use for your down payment. You can choose to receive the down payment assistance as a grant (which does not have to be repaid) or a deferred forgivable second lien loan (which only has to be repaid if you sell or refinance within three years). If you’re eligible, you can essentially receive free money to help you buy a home.

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To qualify, you must have:

  • A credit score of 620
  • Meet certain income requirements
  • Take the Eligibility Quiz
  • For Prospective Homeowners
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Homeownership Hotline
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