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Are you part of a church, school, business, or civic organization that would like to hear us speak? We are continually searching for opportunities to speak to people about the alarming rates of human trafficking in America and the mission and vision of the Freedom Youth Project.

Our goal is to educate interested persons and groups on the issue of human trafficking in America and provide training for parents, grandparents, children, and teens on how to keep their families safe from predators targeting America's youth.

Our information includes informing audiences on:

  • Statistics and information on who is being trafficked in America 
  • How predators and traffickers reach children and teens
  • How predators get children to trust them like the closest of friends
  • How online predators manipulate children with an irresistible offer to meet in person
  • Ways predators get children and teens to share personal, private information
  • Dangerous people and places that children and teens need to be aware of for their safety
  • Many other important topics regarding the prevalence and dangers of human trafficking in America today.

We would be honored to speak to your group or organization; If you would like to invite us to speak to your church, school, business, or civic organization, please fill out the form below.

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