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Our annual Adopt a High School Senior from Foster Care Campaign is one of the most ambitious and necessary initiatives we run at Day 1 Bags.

We are dedicated to finding and supplying every single foster child who is graduating from high school with a high-quality duffle bag, rolling backpack, hand-stitched quilt, stainless steel water bottle, a $100 gift card, and so many more gifts.

Foster youth are significantly less likely to graduate high school and finish their education based on individuals who care for one or two parents—less than 50% of all foster youth graduate with a high school diploma. Even then, those who do graduate are not given the proper celebrations and gifts they deserve. Many haven’t the family or community to celebrate their accomplishments.

This simple fact is precious and is why we have created the Adopt a Senior Campaign. With your help, we can ensure that every senior in Texas (or your current state) has their foster seniors graduating with the necessary supplies to help them in their future college, trade, or career. Please visit the link below to visit our information Facebook page.


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