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Civic Engagement/Base Building: We seek to educate, facilitate, and help others understand the community engagement process through a variety of outreach efforts. Read more.

Restoritive Justice and Healing: We work to create equitable environments of support and care for students and youth who have been directly impacted by systemic racism and the inequities surrounding underserved communities. Read more.

Youth Leadership Development: AIT-SCM's YLD initiative consists of four interactive elements which include Education, Mentoring, Health and Wellness, and Advocacy/Skill-Building groups. Read more.

Tribal and Urban Native Equity: Our goal is not to just see Native American culture preserved, but honored, embraced, and thriving in Bexar County and surrounding areas. Read more.

Warrior Roots Community Organizing Training Camp: The camp's goal is to raise consciousness and develop the collective leadership skills of People's Movements in south Texas with the vision of building a sustainable network of communities capable of mobilizing to protect and defend ourselves accordingly. Read more.

Tap Pilam Coahuiltecan Nation Advocacy: AIT-SCM is helping to revitalize their ancestral language, assemble an archive of historical documents and works, elevate a national voice, and sustain indigenous values. Read more. 

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