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The SAISD Community Education program identifies, assesses and promotes the learning needs and interests of the community by building relationships with families and local community businesses. The goal is to create partnerships with families and community members that will increase participation in family enrichment activities.

The program is designed to raise student academic performance, attendance, and retention which strengthen the community and increase opportunities of an improved quality of life. In collaboration with over 45 community partners, SAISD offers free community education classes in the following strands:

  • Family Literacy
  • Healthy and Active Lives
  • Financial Literacy
  • Digital Literacy
  • College & Career Exploration to include TSI Prep
  • Community Enrichment and Leadership

Community member attendance in these classes enhance and upgrade employment skills and provide exposure to resources and support from the community that markedly increase participant self-confidence and advance their education, which allow them to assist their children academically and be a role model for family and friends.

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Connectivity Resources
  • Computer Skills Classes
Margarita Huantes Learning Center
(210) 554-2453
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