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RAICES serves community members in all of our Texas regions in defending themselves against deportation in Immigration Court. Because immigration proceedings are civil rather than criminal, immigrants have the right to counsel. Still, the immigrant bears the onus to pay for an attorney, and the “lack of appointed counsel may have a profound impact on immigrant’s ability to receive a fair hearing.”

RAICES attorneys represent people in detention seeking release through bond, and we handle a full range of defenses for people in custody and those who are fighting their court cases following release.

To request help defending a case in Immigration Court, you or your family can call the RAICES office nearest to you, or if your home is in San Antonio, please get in touch with our Immigration Detention Hotline at (800) 409-2893.

Know someone who is currently detained? Click here to get help.

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Immigration Detention Hotline
(800) 409-2893
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