Spiritual Direction is described in many ways: mentoring, sacred companioning, holy listening, or soul friend.

I welcome clients from all (or no) faith backgrounds and wish only to help you be you. I have a Christian background and tend to use the words God or Holy Spirit to refer to that Being which is greater than, beyond, and within us. But I am open and welcome you and your beliefs as they are. You only need to have a desire for and an openness to the spiritual direction process. As a director, I am not directing your process. I am just helping facilitate the space for your spiritual process to occur.

Sessions run for about 55 minutes and the typically once each month. 

We will begin with a short time of silence, or prayer, to help center ourselves and become fully present.

I will mostly listen during our time. If you don’t have anything specific you’d like to talk about, that’s okay. I may direct our time by asking a question or two, or even allowing for some silence - which is just some space for both of us to rest and to listen. 

My rate is $50 per session but full and partial scholarships are available upon request.

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