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FREED Texas (Nonprofit )

Individuals exiting the system come out to a world that is unwilling and ill equipped to provide the most basic needs such as food, shelter, mental or health services, employment and family support.

FREED Texas was born out of a great need to address the multi-dimensional needs of an individual as they strive to reintegrate into a society that has discounted them as citizens.

FREED Texas offers a 9 week program (Remnent of Healing Academy) that addresses these struggles into reintegration: we believe rehabilitation is possible when services are individualized, wholistic, and supportive.

Our Mission
Restore families, transform communities, eliminate recidivism 

Our Vision
Our Vision is a greater American community in which formerly incarcerated individuals are spiritually restored, high-performing, fully committed to living crime free, and have been set free from their negative stigma

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FREED Texas is looking for Organizations, Agencies, Employers, Businesses, and Individuals who volunteer their time and resources to support our mission and scholars.

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FREED Texas is open to Organizations, Agencies, Businesses, and individuals who offer their information, stories, and insights to connect scholars to the community that can support their goals.


We are grateful for any donations: monetary,  voluntary, or through goods and resources. Our mission and Scholars rely greatly on our community and community partners for continued success.

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What is a Scholar?
A scholar is an individual who is selected to be part of the Remanent Healing Academy. They attend a 9-week program.

What is an Alumni?
Once a scholar completes the Remanent Healing Academy, they become alumni and will continue to receive support for 12 months after completing the 9-week program.

Frontline Advocate
Alumni will have the opportunity to utilize the leadership skills learned by helping other scholars develop skills for continued success.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Must have been formally incarcerated through Bexar County.
  • Must complete the enrollment process.
  • Must be willing to attend daily sessions from 10 am-3 pm daily for the 9-week duration. 

Program Benefits 

  • Receive $15 per hour while enrolled in the program.
  • Receive 12 months of supportive services following graduation. 
  • Eligible to receive a 2-year scholarship with Alamo Colleges upon program completion. 

What to expect.

The 9-week Turning Point Program through FREED Texas focuses on the following: 

  • Peer Support
  • Education
  • Civics and Divinity
  • Employment
  • Health and wellness.

Scholars attending the program will learn about each area of focus called Pillars. Classes are facilitated by leaders in each field and alumni. Learning is interactive and supportive.

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Updated within the last 1 month.