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Black Freedom Factory (Community )

San Antonio’s history of racial inequality stems from community distrust in public entities and municipal departments, economic segregation, pay-wage disparities, gentrification, gerrymandered voting zones, and antiquated systems overseeing antiquated resource funnels.

Black Freedom Factory offers City departments and offices, community and industry leaders, and organizations to identify the effects of racial inequity, while outlining a path to cultivating equitable culture.

Powered by community, we:

  • Provide grassroots activists groups access to mentorship in technology, marketing, and communications
  • Increase opportunities for grassroots activists groups to collaborate across Pillars of Influence
  • Create opportunities to train and support new community leaders
  • Optimize a dynamic tool used to triage donors, volunteers, and allies to established social justice organizations and nonprofits
  • Promote educational tools surrounding policy suggestions presented by grassroots groups
  • Serve as the conduit for community polling surrounding social justice reforms
  • Optimize data collection methods to include grassroots methods, as well as technology, news media, grade school curriculum, and collegiate interactions.
  • Curate and circulate opportunities to get involved in community organizing
  • Invest in partnerships with historically disadvantaged communities
Online and Virtual Assistance

Circles In Da Hood is a folklife centered Participatory Action Research Project facilitated by Laura Ramirez, Kimiya Factory and Madelein Santibanez. Circles build capacity for young leaders to develop a healing justice analysis and embody the radical love needed to create and sustain collective wellness spaces in their homes and communities. This project takes place in occupied Somi S’ek territories, commonly known as San Antonio, Texas. 

In a city with systemic over-policing that disproportionately impacts youth of color, Circles In Da Hood reimagines how social relationships are woven into the fabric of our community to create alternative patterns of accountability and care. 

Circles are rooted in the wisdom of nature, indigenous human experience, with no beginning or end. Circles create a space for people to contribute the wisdom of their lives experience, and listen, learn, grow and heal within a shared brave space. Documenting our process was a key aspect of our project. It’s what folklife is all about.

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Statement on Public Office Campaigns:
Black Freedom Factory is a neutral and non-aligned organization regarding public office campaigns. It is essential for Black Freedom Factory to remain true to its mission of holding politicians accountable concerning topics related to race relations, diversity and equity.

In order for Black Freedom Factory to effectively carry out its mission, the organization must remain impartial to all political candidate endorsements or any perceived bias in favor of a candidate over another.

We hope you can support us in our mission in ensuring the efficiency of transparent communal advocacy.

In solidarity,

Kimiya Factory 
President/Executive Director

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