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A Doggie 4 You (Nonprofit )

The mission of A Doggie 4 You is to promote spay/neuter of pets, rescue dogs from kill facilities or unsafe environments, rehabilitate and rehome the dogs to loving homes. Located on a beautiful ranch in the Texas Hill Country, we are a totally volunteer run organization committed to annually placing hundreds of dogs in their best forever homes.

We at a A Doggie 4 You understand you want to do what is right for the dog that you have either found as a stray or can no longer keep.  We have to be clear before proceeding, we are a volunteer run not for profit organization who is funded only by donations and adoption income. We are not able to go out to rescue a dog off the street nor we can not legally go on to private property for any reason.

We are NOT the resource you need if a dog is in an emergency situation. We do not euthanize but we are limited by our space and resources. Our medical bills alone are almost equal to our income. Having said this we want to help when we can. If you have an animal you would like us to consider taking in please submit the surrender form below. Allow at least 2 business days for a response, sending multiple requests or calls for the same animal only slows the process. Submission of this form in no way guarantees we will be able to accept the dog.

A Doggie 4 You work to ensure each adoption is a success. We aim to ensure that the pet you adopt is the best fit for your family. Applications will be considered in the order they are received, but making the best fit is our highest priority.  

Our dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, heartworm tested, and given appropriate distemper/parvo, rabies, and Bordetella shots.

Click here to apply for your new family member.

You will be contacted by a representative from A Doggie 4 You so that you may meet the animal you are interested in. Please understand that you are not required to adopt the dog if you do not feel this is the right situation for yourself or the dog.

That is why we have a seven-day clause in which you may return the dog for a full refund. After seven days, you may still return the dog but will not receive a refund of the adoption fee.

Our adoption fees start at $200. Prices are based on the age, sex, breed, and, at times, the vet bills associated with the dog. The adoption fee for highly adoptable dogs will be higher.

Those fees help pay for vet services on less adoptable dogs with high-cost injuries or treatable illnesses. According to Texas law, the fee is not a donation.

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We are pleased to lead the effort to establish a low-cost spay/neuter clinic in Bandera County, Texas. Although still only in the early planning stages, it is never far from our thoughts and goals. Please ensure your donations toward this effort are noted as such.

Other low cost spay/neuter resources:

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Volunteer with kennel help or at adoption events:

We can always use the extra hands.

Complete a volunteer application, and we will be in touch.  

Our capital campaign can use help with construction, painting, and clean-up.

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