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H.O.M.E. Intervention Service is a 501 c3 tax exempt non profit organization with the primary goal of reducing jail recidivism. We endeavor to provide intervention services to clients who are on bond or on community supervision by removing obstacles and providing support before they re-offend and land in prison.

Our vision is to facilitate charitable , educational, and faith based services in underserved communities with emphasis on assisting women , children and ex- offenders, find housing, enroll in literacy programs, and obtain employment skills that lead to a better quality of life.

We will provide affordable housing for the formerly incarcerated as well as supportive services such as assistance with application fees, down payments and deposits.

Formerly incarcerated.

We will partner with other organizations to aid in career searches and career placement services.

Formerly incarcerated.

We offer the following classes:

  • DWI
  • Anger management
  • Theft
  • Life skills
  • Resume building
  • Computer classes

We endeavor to partner with local school districts and community colleges to provide higher levels of education.

Formerly incarcerated.

We have a man to man mentoring program called Mentoring Big Brothers which is designed to match mentees with male mentors whom have had a brush with "the law" but have made a decision to transform their life and become productive members of society.