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Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church (Faith / Christian )

Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church (Grace OPC)  is committed to the glory of God. We exist for the praise and pleasure of our sovereign Lord. Our church was born out of a struggle to remain faithful to the Word of God, and we have sought to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, we seek to worship the Lord with reverence and to live in obedience to God's Word, the Church's only rule for faith and life. We also endeavor to make known the glorious gospel of God's free and all-sufficient grace through local and worldwide outreach.

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) is steadfastly committed to the glory of God. She has seen his hand guide, protect, and even reprove her in the short sixty-plus years of her existence. She was born out of persecution for the gospel's sake, nurtured in adversity, and strengthened as she sought to fulfill her Master's call. She strives to keep her eyes fixed on Christ Jesus, her Savior and Lord. By the strength of His Spirit, she endeavors to live righteously in full obedience to His Word, her only rule for faith and life.

From the outset, carrying the whole truth of Scripture to the ends of the earth has been important to Orthodox Presbyterians. The OPC today has missions around the world.

For more information on the teachings of our beliefs, please click here.

Worship Service Sunday 10:00 AM — Sunday School for all ages 11:00 AM — Morning worship service — streamed live
Nathan J. Hornfeld - Pastor Send email
(210) 690-6360

The enjoyment of God begins with worship, by joining together with other believers to sing praises to Him, and to the study of the scriptures. At Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church we hope you will:

  • Discover the greatness of God in all His power, glory, and majesty. Develop a greater hunger and thirst for God and His Word.
  • Cultivate a responsive heart that worships Him in Spirit and in truth, that longs for authentic, edifying fellowship, and that zealously extends this transforming grace to San Antonio and the world.

We would welcome you to ask questions about the life of the church and our mission to see Christ glorified.

We offer a variety of opportunities for worship, fellowship, and growth: 

  • Sunday morning worship
  • Sunday School
  • Sunday evening service
  • Bible study
  • Women's bible study 
  • Single and young married's bible study 
  • Monthly prayer meetings, summer youth camp
  • Ministries to shut-ins and to those in nursing homes

Worship Program: (see Weekly Bulletins)
Music: mostly organ/piano, sometimes classical string ensembles
Dress: from casual to coat & tie (personal preferences vary) 

If attendance isn't possible, check out our livestream and see what you're missing. The Sermon audio is free for download. The Sermon video is available at the Grace Video Archive.

Special Events at Grace!
See Grace Calendar for details.

We gladly welcome you to ‘Worship the King’ with us: 10:00 AM — Sunday School for all ages 11:00 AM — Sunday morning worship service
Nathan Hornfeld Send email
(210) 690-6360
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