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Dedicated to charitable, educational, and social service within the community, the Community of Automotive Professionals (CAP) is a membership-based nonprofit made up of local shop owners, automotive distributors, and community leaders.

We are a Community of Automotive Professionals (CAP) dedicated to building a culture of continual skill-building, quality, and pride in the industry. Being a part of the CAP organization allows business-to-business connections: shop owners find qualified technicians, certified technicians find employment, and high school students build relationships with local and national automotive industry professionals and hobbyists who are interested in the automotive industry.

Core Values: 

  •  Integrity
  • Community
  • Education
  • Excellence

CAP is a membership-based nonprofit that organizes an annual event called CarFest in San Antonio.

For more information about CAP, please contact us here.

Mark S Colaw - President
Jim Olson - Vice President