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What is Coordinated Entry?

Coordinated entry is a process developed to ensure that all people experiencing homelessness are quickly identified, assessed for, referred, and connected to housing based on their strengths and needs. Public housing (Section 8/SAHA) is not offered through Coordinated Entry

Will Coordinated Entry help me?

Yes, only if you are literally homeless (i.e. you have already been evicted and are sleeping on the streets, in a vehicle, or emergency shelter; are leaving an institution, where you stayed for 90 days or less, if you were literally homeless prior to entering the institution).

What if I am being evicted?

At this time Coordinated Entry cannot help with homeless prevention services; if you are behind on rent, facing eviction, or living with family or friends Coordinated Entry cannot help. If you are in this situation, please contact a City Housing Navigator at 210-207-5910 for assistance.

My loved one is abusive and I need to leave but I have nowhere to go, can Coordinated Entry help me?

Yes. You can get help by calling 210-733-8810 or by visiting on of the SAHomelink hubs.

How do I get to Coordinated Entry

The first step is having a housing assessment (SAHomelink) done at one of the SAHomelink hubs. At the hub an experienced intake worker will assist you in the completion of a housing assessment. This assessment will not guarantee housing but will place you into the coordinated entry referral system to potentially receive housing assistance.

Are clients given their assessment “score”?

No. No reference should be made to a client regarding the type of housing they are eligible for on an assessment. The SAHomelink assessment is a tool that we use to help guide the housing intervention process but it is not the only factor. Additional factors include available housing stock, length of time homeless, and individual service need. We want to avoid telling a client they are eligible for a specific housing option they will not realistically receive.

What next?

We work hard to help as many people as possible, but resources are limited and there can be a long wait sometimes. You are encouraged to do what you can in your situation and pursue other avenues for your housing.

Where am I on the list?

There is no wait list. The community organizes individuals based on their needs and the date of their assessment. The client’s position on the community queue changes as new clients are assessed. As programs become available that match the client’s needs, they will be evaluated for referral to that program. Due to the constant reorganization of referrals it is very important that you stay in contact with any service provider you may be communicating with. Additionally, it is very important to immediately update any changes to your contact information. You can do this by visiting any of the hub locations. Please remember, if we can’t find you then we can’t help house you.

I did a Coordinated Entry assessment but I haven’t been called yet, what should I do?

You may visit any of the Hubs and ask them to confirm that you are still on the list to be served. The Hub will not be able to tell you where you are at on the list, only that you are on it. If you are not on the list then they can help you with the assessment.

Alamo Area Resource Center (AARC) (Nonprofit)

(210) 625-7200

Visitation House (Nonprofit / Catholic)

(210) 735-6910

St Peter-St Joseph Children's Home (St PJ's) (Nonprofit / Catholic)

(210) 533-1203

Catholic Worker House (Nonprofit / Catholic)

1.1 miles away, 626 Nolan, San Antonio, TX, 78202 , D2
(210) 224-7736

Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM) (Nonprofit / Ecumenical)

(210) 223-6648

Dress for Success San Antonio/Career Gear (Nonprofit)

0.91 miles away, 600 N. Frio, San Antonio, TX, 78207 , D5
(210) 737-1515

Hope House Ministries (Christian / Ministry)

(210) 251-4348

Ella Austin Community Center (Nonprofit)

(210) 224-2351

Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio (Nonprofit / Catholic)

(210) 222-1294

The Door Christian Fellowship (Christian)

(210) 977-8388

Ascension DePaul Services (Nonprofit)

(210) 334-2300

The Agape Ministry (Nonprofit / Christian)

7.13 miles away, 127 Lanark, San Antonio, TX, 78218 , D2
(210) 590-6655

Corazon Ministries (Nonprofit)

(210) 226-8341

Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM) (Nonprofit / Ecumenical)

(210) 223-6648

The Salvation Army (Nonprofit / Christian)

Hope House Ministries (Christian / Ministry)

(210) 251-4348

Ella Austin Community Center (Nonprofit)

(210) 224-2351

Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio (Nonprofit / Catholic)

(210) 222-1294

Antioch Baptist Church (Christian / Baptist)

(210) 225-2452

Presa Community Center (Nonprofit)

(210) 532-5295

Good Samaritan Community Services (Nonprofit)

(210) 434-5531

Daily Bread Ministries (Nonprofit / Christian)

(210) 223-4707

Ascension DePaul Services (Nonprofit)

(210) 334-2300

Texas Diaper Bank (Nonprofit / Christian)

(210) 731-8118

Castle Hills Church (Christian / Baptist)

(210) 377-3030

I Care San Antonio (Nonprofit)

(210) 220-2370