The free NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card can help you save up to 80% off the price of your prescription medications.

The card is good for prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, and medical supplies if written on a prescription blank, and pet prescription medicines purchased at a pharmacy. You’ll save on most but not all prescriptions.

You can also save up to 40% off durable medical equipment. Click here to learn more.

Simply present the card to the pharmacist, along with your prescription, at any of the participating pharmacies.

Anyone can use the card, but it can’t be combined with insurance. You can use the card instead of insurance if:

  • A drug isn’t covered by your insurance
  • Your insurance has no drug coverage
  • You have a high drug deductible
  • You have met a low medicine cap
  • The card offers a better price than your copay
  • You are in the Medicare Part D donut hole

Click here to learn more.

Click here to download or print your NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card (free).

Or click here and fill out the online form to order a plastic Needy Meds Drug Discount Card (minimum $5 donation).

There are no income, insurance, age, or residency requirements.

No personal information or registration is required.

The drug discount card is free of charge.

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