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Recognized as a state leader by the Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments (TCOOMMI), the Center’s Genesis Program offers outpatient and residential services to chronic offenders with identified mental illness or substance addiction. Those enrolled in the program are mandated by county, state and district courts to receive treatment, which includes:

  • intensive case management
  • psychosocial rehabilitation (individual and group)
  • psychiatric medication management
  • co-occurring psychiatric and substance abuse disorder (COPSD)
  • intervention benefit management assistance

The Genesis residential program provides 90 days of monitoring and treatment at the Mentally Impaired Offender Facility (MIOF). As a participant prepares for discharge, Genesis provides detailed planning for successful completion of probation and re-entry into the community.

Adult offenders with medical or mental impairments.

Criminal Justice referrals only.

Qualifying Diagnosis:

  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Major Depressive Disorder
  • Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder
  • Psychotic Disorder
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Delusional Disorder
  • Any other mental health diagnoses that are severe or persistent in nature.
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