CaptionCall provides basic captioned telephone service and phones that are optimized to show captions in real-time to hearing-impaired individuals.

The unit uses voice-to-text technology, assisted by captioning agents and automated speech recognition, to transcribe your phone conversations so that other speakers' words appear on your CaptionCall screen.

  • Easy to use. Our captioned phone is simple, basic, and intuitive to use. It can be incorporated effortlessly into your life.
  • Fast and accurate captioning. CaptionCall transcribes your phone call in real-time so you never miss a word or the point of the conversation.
  • Mobile app is available. Like the landline option, The CaptionCall Mobile app and captioning service are provided at no cost.

To learn more, contact one of our local representatives, Joy Hastings or Lindsy DeHoyos.

To order CaptionCall, click here or call 833-691-1600 for assistance.

Note: No in-person services are provided at the above address.

To be eligible for this no-cost service and phone, you must have hearing loss and need captions to use the phone effectively.

CaptionCall is federally funded as part of Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), so there’s no cost to eligible users.

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