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Sidewalks, Inc. builds sidewalks in the City of San Antonio, Texas, through a cooperative effort of volunteers and donations of money and material resources. It began its work in 2006. The intention is to increase mobility within neighborhoods that have long suffered from the lack of infrastructure or dilapidated infrastructure.

Sidewalks are built in front of homes where residents are of low or moderate income. To date,10 sidewalk projects have been completed, all benefiting someone who is eldery or disabled/physically challenged, near a bus route and near an elementary school.

Projects selected must meet more than one of the following priorities:

  • In front of homes of people who are disabled/physically challenged
  • In front of homes of the elderly
  • On bus lines
  • Near Schools
  • On routes from residential neighborhood to commercial resources

All sidewalks are built within the requirements on permitting of the Unified Development Code of the City of San Antonio. Sidewalks, Inc. sees itself as a “Friend of The Public Works Department of the City of San Antonio”. The immediate focus is on sidewalks in length of about 50 feet, which is the standard size of a lot. Sidewalks, Inc. is a non-profit and funding is limited, therefore not all applications submitted are guaranteed a sidewalk.

If you are interested in applying please fill out the nomination form.

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