Our expert staff provides training, educational support materials, and ongoing support to campuses and school districts in diversity in education. Diversity is understood to include the enhancement of instructional practices and disciplinary actions toward the increased well-being of each student of ISD despite said students’ ethnic background, cultural experiences, or socioeconomic status.

Course/Module/Training Overview

  • Student Culture-Development from Vision to Systems Maintaining, Evaluating, Fixing Culture
  • Staff Culture
  • The Five strategies for a thriving Staff Culture

Managing School Leadership Teams

  • Choosing your leadership
  • Training your team
  • Evaluations, Leader support, and student success

Observation and Feedback Workshop

  • Traditional Model vs. Current 21st century Model
  • Observations and Feedback
  • Identifying critical action steps/effective feedback
  • Strategies for Struggling Teachers
  • Accountability/Tools for Administrators
  • Conclusion: Coaching

SDAIE (Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English for Language Minority Students)

  • Develop effective learning strategies for all
  • Recognize, understand, and value cultural differences
  • Expand content knowledge/Demand equal levels of excellence for all
  • Provide techniques/ and skills that can be used in the classroom

PBIS and Restorative Justice techniques used in the classroom

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