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The adult inpatient acute care treatment and substance abuse programs at SABHH help those who are experiencing behavioral, emotional, and/or substance abuse problems. Our psychiatric hospital offers a safe and secure environment, with highly trained, caring, board-certified staff who provide an atmosphere that promotes stabilization and healing.

Our dedicated and caring team works tirelessly to assess, stabilize, and help patients regain the necessary skills to control their emotions and behaviors. Because behavioral health issues vary with every patient, our inpatient psychiatric treatment programs are tailored to meet each individual’s specific needs.

Patients who are 18 and older may enter our adult inpatient mental health & substance use program due to:

  • Mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder)
  • Anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia)
  • PTSD
  • Impulse control disorder
  • Suicidal Ideation or attempts
  • Self-harm behaviors
  • Threatened, attempted, or engaged in physical violence to others
  • Substance abuse
  • Thought disorders (delusions, hallucinations, paranoia)

Program Specifics

  • Group and family therapy sessions
  • Recreational and expressive therapies
  • Stress management and coping skills
  • Life skills
  • Patient education to improve understanding of the illness
  • Aftercare and discharge planning
  • Intensive assessment and evaluation
  • Medication management and education
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Movement therapy (yoga, tai chi, meditation)

We accept most commercial insurances: Tricare, Commercial Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid.

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