How can Unattended Grief Affect Organizations

Perhaps as a company or business owner you find yourself in uncharted territory when employees return to work still grieving from personal loss such as death, divorce, serious illness (self or loved one), injury, foster/adoption, crisis, natural disaster or even a recent company restructuring. This can cause a decline in workforce productivity, profitability and increased conflict and relational issues. 

Being Grief and Trauma-Informed is caring for the mental, emotional, all-around well-being of your workforce and how your leadership team relates and communicates is at the core of a Compassion-Centered focus.

In 2018, the San Antonio's Mayor's Fitness Council and the Health Advisory Board created a Mental & Behavioral Health Tool Kit that showed when people are hurting, they are: 

• Less productive
• More prone to illness
• Higher absenteeism
• Increased accidents
• Increased relational issues 

IOIH can help you create and cultivate a Compassion-Centered culture that produces engagement and optimal performance especially during difficult transitions and loss that contributes to the well-being of all. 

Helping you navigate and mitigate loss and unexpected change through Grief-Informed Readiness presentations/seminars/workshops.


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