The Grief Recovery Method® (GRM) Alumni Program is a continuation of your grief recovery journey. You learned relationships will always have their ups and downs,  but now you have the tools to navigate through any new relationship. However, we have identified the more relationships you work on in your healing journey (recommend at least 4), the more freedom from buried pain you are able to attain and the more connection in your current and future relationships you will experience.

As you walk into new uncharted territory or perhaps into a bothersome familiar territory from the past, your Alumni work will serve as an offensive and defensive barrier to address any unrelenting triggers, losses, lies and not 'lose territory' on the gains you have made.

The more relationships you complete, the more familiar you will become with triggers and access the tools and skills you have obtained to take corrective action. You are building up your "arsenal" to a wholesome foundation of emotional skills for your overall health.

Higinia will walk you through these steps and also establish a post-plan of action with you to continue to move through and beyond grief. You can also access the ASSaP Care™ tool available to you. 

The program is offered in person or virtual via a secure, confidential, video platform. Your privacy and confidentiality are our priority. We can talk about what works best for your schedule.

 Program Investment:

  •  $90.00 1/ 60-minute session
  •  $250.00   3/ 60-minute session
  •  $475.00   6/ 60-minute session
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