Take charge of your mental and physical health starting at the cellular level. 

We create a completely custom nutritionally based diet plan, enabling you to take charge of your mental health and pursue your best quality of life.

What is Nutritional Therapy?
Since ancient times, food has been used as medicine to treat and heal a variety of conditions. In today’s world, the modernized approach to this ancient form of medicine is called nutritional therapy. At Heading, we use nutritional therapy to not only benefit the body, but help improve the function of the mind—from the cellular level on up. 

At Heading, we’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive care experience. Our team will help you understand your benefits and will work directly with your insurance plan to determine if you’re eligible for coverage.


During your consultation, we’ll discuss coverage, costs, payments, reimbursements or whatever else you’d like to know about. We will take it off your plate so you can begin focusing on what’s most important: you.

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