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Financially assists deaf educators with classroom accommodations, supplies and equipment, outreach inclusion, and training and conference fees.

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Educators/administrators of deaf/hard-of-hearing children/teens ages 0–22 (high school completion)

  • Who teaches music and arts
  • Who teaches core subjects, most especially reading and language arts
  • Those who have facilities, supplies, and resources but need additional resources for classroom enrichment

Aid the Silent considers applications for financial support from educators who work with deaf/hard-of-hearing children/teens ages 2-18

  • On necessary independent speech therapy sessions or American Sign Language lessons
  • On language acquisition and literacy
  • In the study and performance of music
  • In the research and creation of the arts
  • Are willing to work in collaboration with Aid the Silent to retrieve data
  • Are eager to report Aid the Silent on the pre-and post-program implementation to ensure its success
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