Quit Smoking Today! 

Quitxt is a free bilingual text-message or Facebook Messenger service from UT Health San Antonio that turns your smartphone into a personal coach to help you quit smoking!

Step 1: Desire to quit smoking. Hey, you're here, nice job!

Step 2: Let Quitxt help you. Quitxt is a free text-messaging program that sends tips, support, and motivational music/videos on your phone to help you stop smoking, from researchers at UT Health San Antonio.

Step 3: Join Quitxt by texting iquit" to 844-332-2058!

To Quit Smoking:

Join Quitxt in English: Text iquit to 844-332-2058; or search QuitxtCommunity on Facebook Messenger and hit "Get Started"

Join Quitxt in Spanish: Text “lodejo” to 844-332-2058; or search QuitxtComunidad on Facebook Messenger and hit "Empezar"

To Quit Vaping:

Join in English: Text “iquit” to 844-406-1017.

Join in Spanish: Text “lodejo” to 844-406-1017.

For more information about our tobacco cessation programs, call UT Health's primary care practice at 210-450-9100.


Quit Smoking
(844) 332-2058
Quit Vaping
(844) 406-1017
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