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We have innovative technologies that assist visually impaired patrons in utilizing the digital programs we offer.

For use outside of the library:

  • iPads are available for check out for up to six weeks. These iPads are capable of using Siri, and have a VoiceOver function to open up the apps we offer, such as Hoopla (music, movies, audiobooks), Mango Languages, or cloudLibrary (ebooks and audiobooks).

For use within the library:

  • Focus 40 Blue Wireless Braille Display, which connects to computers, iPads, and phones using Bluetooth, allowing navigation through documents and applications using the latest Braille technology.
  • The Braille Display also converts text to both contracted braille and un-contracted braille. This text is displayed on a Perkins-style keyboard, which makes it simple to read, as it follows along, mirroring word for word at your own pace.
  • The Pearl Portable Reading Solution is essentially a camera on a folding post, which brings visually impaired patrons convenient portable access to any reading material they bring to BiblioTech. The folding camera opens easily and connects to a PC using a USB port, and works with OpenBook Software.
  • OpenBook software takes an exact picture of the material, whether it be a book, a newspaper, or a magazine, using the Pearl Portable Reading Solution. It mirrors the image using the Pearl Scanner and reads aloud word for word. OpenBook will adjust the speed and tone of the reader, as well as the size, fonts, and color of the text to make your reading experience more comfortable.

Additionally, we provide:

  • Magic Large Print Keyboard, with much larger keys than a standard keyboard.
  • JAWS (Job Access With Speech) software, which is a screen reader for Windows that works with most computer applications.
  • Magic Zoom, which magnifies the screen so you can zoom in to the desired screen size. Each innovative tool comes with its very own braille instructions, which are available to patrons upon request.

Visually impaired.

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