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A sober living home is a home or facility where one can enter who is recovering from a substance use disorder. This is the halfway point between inpatient services and returning home. If you or a loved one might struggle back at home while dealing with substance abuse, sober living might be a great alternative.

We understand that leaving inpatient treatment can be very difficult and scary for some individuals. Maybe this is because they aren’t feeling confident enough yet to be on their own or because their home situation is not a safe or supportive one. Whatever the case may be, you may find yourself wondering if there are better temporary living environments.

In San Antonio, at Soba Texas, we offer you the ability to enter sober living after inpatient treatment has come to a close. This way, you can be surrounded by like-minded individuals who all want what’s best for each other.

What Can I Expect in San Antonio Sober Living?

You might be wondering what exactly sober living entails. It might seem straightforward based on the name, but there is more to it than just being sober and living in the home. Although a sober living home has zero tolerance, other rules and regulations exist.

Sober living does not require that you are present all the time. It encourages you to step outside and re-enter the world. You might begin taking on your old tasks, starting back at school or your job, or maybe applying for a new job. Sober living is a healthy, supportive base you can use to grow and heal.

If you or a loved one could benefit from sober living, feel free to reach out to a Soba Texas representative and discuss how to become involved. 

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