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Health Confianza (Spanish for Trust or Confidence) is a health literacy project providing workforce training, education, health information and resources to the greater San Antonio area. We are rooted in the belief that health literacy – which is the ability to find, understand and use health information so that you and your family can be as healthy as possible – is a valuable tool in achieving health equity for all. 

Established in 2020 as a direct response to the Covid pandemic, Health Confianza has set out to address the health disparities experienced by our mostly Hispanic and Black neighbors living in 22 San Antonio-area zip codes. Many of the families living in these neighborhoods are low-income, lack access to healthcare providers and are un- or under-insured. The pandemic is a challenge for all of us. It can be especially difficult for people in our local community who have job instability, housing insecurity or lack transportation. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, these areas have consistently reported the highest number of Covid cases and the lowest Covid-19 vaccination and booster rates in the city. Since 2020, more than 50% of all deaths related to Covid-19 in San Antonio occurred within this concentrated area. Additionally, these zip codes have historically high rates of diabetes, heart disease and other preventable illnesses, which makes them more vulnerable to Covid and more at risk of serious cases or hospitalizations.  

Our mission is driven by the belief that health literacy training and education can transform communities, organizations and policies, helping to increase health equity and confidence in the health care system. We believe that together we can prepare San Antonio for a healthier future for generations to come. 

Improving Health in SA

  • Health Literacy 
  •  Information 
  • Bridge to Resources

We offer no-cost Community Health Clubs that provide spaces for social support and health literacy education through discussions and fun activities. The Community Health Club is a space for learning, fun and fellowship.

Find out more about Community Health Clubs. [Coming Soon]

Online and Virtual Assistance

Health Confianza is a preventive health and wellness online resource that provides answers to these questions and more:

  • How do I keep my family healthy?
  • What is preventative care?
  • Who needs preventive care?
  • Where do I get preventive care?
  • What screenings and tests are considered preventive care?
  • How can I get health coverage if I cannot afford health insurance?

Click here to find a low-cost clinic and schedule an appointment.

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The Health Confianza Ambassadors program provides health literacy webinars or in-person workshops for small business owners, high school/college student leaders, faith leaders, neighborhood associations, small media outlets and others. These three-hour workshops help local leaders navigate and understand health information (including from online resources), engage in meaningful discussion and problem solving with community members and share factual information.

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