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Established in 1853, the Bexar County Medical Society (BCMS) was the first county medical society in Texas and was a pioneer in organized medicine.

Today the Bexar County Medical Society serves and represents the member physicians of Bexar County and the seven contiguous counties in providing quality health care for their patients and the public.

All physicians with an “MD” or “DO” designation that are in good standing with the Texas Medical Board and live in Bexar County or in any of the contiguous seven counties are eligible for membership in the Bexar County Medical Society. However, per TMA bylaws, a physician may not be a member of more than one county medical society at a  time. Click here for membership information.

Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Melody Newsom - CEO/Executive Director
Monica Jones - Chief Operating Officer
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Bexar County Medical Society represents over 4,000 physicians in the eight-county Greater San Antonio area.

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