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Yanawana Herbolarios (Nonprofit )

Our Mission is to share, preserve, and honor cultural knowledge of the land and make it universally accessible as a means to empower and revive the practice of holistic living, medical botanical usage, water and land stewardship, and coming together as a community in times of need.

We are an Indigenous and woman founded and led organization and established in January 2016 to meet unaddressed needs in the areas of healthcare and preparedness amongst vulnerable communities of San Antonio TX, with a special focus on BIPOC and LGBTQ communities.

Our current programming includes:

  • Sowing la Futura, our hands-on interactive ancestral skills education program.
  • Project Home, our sustainable transitional housing and advocacy project that focuses on meeting our houseless relatives where their needs are.

Yanawana Medic Collective, our healthcare initiative that includes:

  • The People’s Clinic, an accessible holistic botanically integrative clinic.
  • The Street Medicine Team, our street clinicians take the medicine directly to our relatives on the street.
  • The Action Medic Team,  our medics that support People’s Movements.
  • YMC Medic Training Program, our free hands-on interactive medic training program designed to address community needs.
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Our Community Needs Pantry offers non-perishable food, menstrual supplies, harm reduction supplies, hygiene items, books, plant seeds, diapers (infant and adult), and other community-donated goods.

The Community Needs Pantry is free and open to everyone.

Non-perishable food items are available 24/7 from the pantry located next to our mailbox.
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The Feria is a community event that combines education (Sowing la Futura mini-workshops), healthcare (The People's Clinic), local commerce (pop-up market with local artisans), and community connection (through connection to community resources and special themed Feria events like Trans Day of Remembrance).

Phone of details of the next Feria de Resistencia.

The fairs are free and open to the public.

Feria de Resistencia takes place once a month, 10 months out of the year, on the grounds of Yanawana Herbolarios.
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The Medic-Healer program is a high-level, two-phase educational program consisting of approximately 3,500 hours of classes, labs, clinics, and intensive field training.

The first phase is spent as an apprentice, gaining a strong foundation of skills and knowledge. The second phase is spent as a journeymxn, solidifying both skills and knowledge through advanced studies, student teaching, and remote field team missions meant to test competency and readiness.

A Medic-Healer must be able to care for their people in any situation or scenario. Therefore this educational program has been designed to equip the student with a high level of personal sovereignty.

Classes include but are not limited to Indigenous Plant Practices, Emergency and Acute Medicine, Clinical Herbalism, Clinical Nutrition and Cooking, Advance Medicine Making, Emergency birth work, Ancestral living practices, Defense, and Cultural Competency.


The program is free for those accepted and prioritizes Indigenous, Black, Racialized, and LGBTQ.

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Housing is a human need and right. Through Project Home, we advocate for harm reduction and no-barrier houseless shelters, the overturning of harmful local housing policies, and work to create realistic, accessible, rapid housing solutions for those experiencing houselessness.

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Sowing la Futura is an interactive ancestral skills community educational program meant to empower and create sovereignty for vulnerable populations including Indigenous, Black, and other racialized people of color, as well as LGBTQ, working-class, and houseless communities.

Past programming has included adobe oven building, fire-building skills, emergency shelter building, food foraging, medicine making, water purification, weaving, and gardening.

Sowing la Futura programming is open to the public and is free, donation-based, or low cost depending on the program being offered.

Click here for our calendar of upcoming events.



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Several times a week, members of the Yanawana Herbolarios Street Clinic team, which is comprised of herbalists, curanderas, nurses, mental health professionals, nurses, and doctors head out to provide free trauma-informed, culturally-appropriate care to our houseless relatives at encampments, shelters, and on the street.

The Street Clinic team provides a variety of services, including wound care, foot care, preventative health, diabetes management, cleaning supplies, mental health care, and needs distribution (clothing, food, harm reduction, personal care supplies, etc.).

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With Yanawana Herbolarios you have the opportunity to personally impact your community’s sustainability and health. Because of the service of our volunteers, entire neighborhoods begin to thrive anew. Through this work, families achieve the health and independence they need to create a balanced life.

Click here to explore volunteer opportunities with Yanawana Herbolarios.

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The People's Clinic is a donation-optional botanically integrative twice-monthly holistic clinic that is open to the public and located at Yanawana Herbolarios headquarters on the Eastside of San Antonio.

Clinic services offered through The People's Clinic include herbalism, reiki, curanderismo, accelerated resolution therapy, family counseling, trauma-informed counseling, womxn's healthcare, and more.

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